malika sherwat topless scandal scene


malika sherwat sexy pics

Here is the mailka sherwat scandal and most sexy scene in this film . In this film malika appear topless means without top in one of the scene in the movie with jacki chen the malika face toward jackie when she is topless and malika back is towards the camera its very nice to watch scene so must watch it.

This is one of the biggest example set by malika not only malika appears in the hollywood movie but also do some sexy scene which can never be forget . Malika which is actress of bollywood movie and also did very scene seen in many of the bollywood film and started his career with imran hashmi never change his habit even after work in the hollywood movie.

so in hollywood and bollywood its all about fun which malika did and his sexy scene in the bollywood movie is one the biggest reason of his success. and that is malika topless scandal which you seen in above pictures


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10 June 2011 at 06:33  
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